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"So, the minimal demand: Not a theory that reflects reality, that informs us of the shittiness of our present, that calculates the infinite modes by which power decimates us. We all know how shitty it is, how wasted and depleted. We want a theory that works to empower us to remake the real, that acts in the present as a force of and for affective recalibration, a theory that puts us into joyous contact with the bodily fact of inexhaustible—and therefore endlessly shareable—autonomy. A theory that puts us on the go. To the occupation, the demo, the barricades. To Miley’s party to tell her that it doesn’t have to be so fucking sad. To the MLA to tell them we get enough tear gas, thank you much, and we want a theory that joys in autonomy, the glimmers of it that remain—which might mean, sure, that for the present we just talk about vacating chairs. To the state to tell them that we’re going away for a while, probably forever, with one another. We will carry our wounded with us; sometimes they’ll carry us. We’ll pool our bodily resources and go along, laughing and dancing. We’ll let the state do the crying."

Chris Taylor, And Then Theory Wept: Precarity Talk and Miley’s Sadness


46 years ago today, at Folsom Prison.
FWIW: the incarceration rate is almost four times what it was in 1967.
Cindy Sherman, Untitled Film Still #66

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 2013 World Press Photo of the year by Paul Hansen, Sweden, for Dagens Nyheter, shows two-year-old Suhaib Hijazi and her three-year-old brother Muhammad who were killed when their house was destroyed by an Israeli missile strike. 

Francisco was on his way to work when he got into a minor traffic accident. Instead of being released to the care of his family, he was detained and taken to Irwin County Detention Center. Francisco has lived in the US for 15 years now, he has 4 children who need him, and has no criminal history. Why is he imprisoned? -via DreamActivist OrgSIGN PETITION NOW:

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I have never been this irresponsible before. 

It’s amazing, terrifying.